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Jay Crocker is a multidisciplinary artist and internationally-recognized composer residing on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Over the past 15 years, Crocker has been intensely exploring the possibilities of sound through homebuilt electronic and acoustic instruments of varying sophistications to experimental 
compositional methods. These explorations have produced many instruments, sound 
recordings, audio visual installations, and a music composition structure called “The Planetary Music System."

Crocker's intention is to create pieces of music and art that mimic life on a moment-to-moment time-lapse. Meditations on unsynchronized behaviours that blend to achieve synchronized 
relationships within our physical and digital environments. He creates synthesized improvised interactions of sound that are designed to create new interpretations of memory and feelings while trying to reinterpret boundaries to create boundless, beautiful and stimulating sonic worlds that defy convention.

 The installation ‘Future Fantasy 1960’ for his BIBELOT sound machine won an Artist Recogni- tion Award from Arts Nova Scotia in 2017 and a large-format score for a piece entitled ‘A Sepa- ration of Being’ was recently purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank.

As JOYFULTALK, Jay Crocker performs internationally and releases music on Montreal's long standing Constellation Records. His work has received critical acclaim from media outlets such as The New York Times, Globe & Mail, Exclaim!, Paris Trans Atlantic, and the BBC. He has been awarded recording and composition grants from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts, Nova Scotia Heritage and Tourism, and has been long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize.  contact: kyle@forwardmusicgroup.com